Like everyone that goes to Thailand, we went to see a Muay Thai fight - but we did get some awesome pictures from it and there may or may not have been an Aussie fighting.

Finding out about it was easy, since they had a van driving around town with a loud speaker advertising “PPRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOO-FES-ION-ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Thai boxing!". Finding the ring was pretty easy since they had a loud speaker too…


As you can see from the sign one of the fighters was Australian. How could we not go! Well… at least we think he was Australian. Once we got in there the guide said he was from Austria… Who knows, we cheered for him like he was an Australian!


Even when he got is ass kicked by a Thai boxer.


Even had a kiddie round.

All in all, it was pretty intense - 4 out of the 6 fights ended in a KO. Probably the best fighter of the night was the Chinese guy who was both vicious and a good fighter. He knocked the other guy out cold and he fell like a tree.

Was pretty good to see the attitudes of the fighters as they enter the ring. I reckon I picked most of the winners just on their focus and how ‘calm and collected’ they were in the first round rather than how aggressive they were.