imageYesterday we ventured into the Old City for our first (but hopefully not last) cooking school of the trip at Asia Scenic Cooking School. We were picked up at 8.30am (way too early in holiday land!) by the cooking school and off we went. After a crazy trip through the old city, picking up people along the way, we were met with what seemed like a thousand people (it was probaly only 40) in an undercover area at the cooking school. We were ushered over to a group with 9 people in it, 2 French, 2 from Hong Kong, 3 from the UK (including a kid) and us… The 3 from the UK left within 5 mins as they had a disagreement with the school about paying for their son to be there (in reality I think the husband just wasnt interested in going to a cooking class!) so our group number went down to 6.

We were then introduced to our instructor, Paer, a lovely Thai girl, who would be with us for the rest of the day. She was hilarious, often cracking jokes which the rest of the group seemed to miss… but I thought she was funny!

So off we went for our market visit, where we saw all the ingredients that we would be using for the day



imageFollowed by a quick tour of the garden where they grow all the herbs used in the cooking classes

imageAnd then the cooking began!!

imageOur first dish of the day was a stir fry. Mitch and I made the Hot Basil and Chilli Chicken. It was so quick and easy, not to mention it tasted amazing!



imageI was already full after this dish… only 6 more to go!! Up next were the Spring Rolls.





imageand Papaya Salad (Ahh-mazing!)

imageThankfully after this we had a break (from eating food!). Mitch and I went for a walk before returning for the second half of the day!

After our break we knuckled down and cooked the last two mains and dessert all at once before feasting on them all at the end of the day. We cooked a Coconut-milk soup…

imagePanang and Massaman Curry Pastes…



imageand their corresponding curries. Both were amazing but the Panang was definitely the favourite!

image(Panang Curry)

image(Massaman Curry)

And finally desserts! We cooked Deep Fried Banana and Mango & Sticky Rice.


imageand then we had a feast!!