After spending a while in Chiang Mai, we decided to explore the mountain near by and the Doi Suthep temple. We can see this mountain from our hotel and we watch the clouds come over and dump the rain there before getting to the city.

Since it can be wet up there we picked a nice hot and dry day to go up there… or so we thought. As soon as we neared the base the temperature dropped like 10 degrees. While no rain on the way up we got a bit of drizzle at the top.


(zooooooom! love this bike)




(lots of detail up here)


(say ‘wat’?)


(us overlooking Chiang Mai)

20150805-DSCF6781 20150805-DSCF6794



On the way back down, we found we were a little low on fuel. So had to “fill up” at a store that sold gas in 1 litre coke bottles.